Specialty Facial Peels

A range of active peels are available to treat a range of concerns, each designed for individual skin conditions and skin types. Skin peels correct and treat sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea, congestion, pores, melasma and poor skin texture. Customised to individual treatment plans and skin conditions.

The aim of any skin peel is to remove the skin’s outer layer, the stratum corneum which is composed primarily of dead cells. The removal of this layer enhances the creation of the healthy new layer below. When performed properly, this procedure can effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and blemishes with little or no trauma to the healthy cells. Using medical grade ingredients peels encourage gentle, effective skin renewal. At gc skin boutique we offer an extensive range of medical grade skin peels. Our staff are all medically trained to ensuring that you not only get a peel that is right for your skin but that you will receive a tailored peel programme offering great results with minimal down time.


Blueberry Smoothie

Combining antioxidant Blueberry Extract with stimulating L-Lactic Acid and Blue Corn Meal, Blueberry Smoothie is a powerful yet gentle exfoliating treatment. This COSMEDIX treatment effectively corrects an assortment of superficial skin concerns from sun damage to multiple degrees of discoloration. Blueberry Smoothie is so impressive it’s among COSMEDIX’s top-selling professional treatments.


Timeless Peel

Containing Retinol (Vitamin A), which is the powerhouse of anti-ageing, and stimulating lactic acid, the Timeless Peel by Cosmedix works more deeply within the layers of the skin to improve tone and texture.


Jessner Peels

Based upon salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol, our Jessner peels are used primarily as a preparation peel for medium to deep peeling such as TCA but can be used effectively to treat areas of hyperpigmentation, (melasma’s in particular) and to minimise outbreak.


Pomegranate Treatment

Pomegranate Treatment infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants while helping to stimulate collagen to smooth over rough skin and correct uneven texture and tone. Combining L-Lactic Acid with some of nature’s most effective free radical fighters including Resveratrol from red wine, Pomegranate Seed Oil and Astaxanthin – a marine antioxidant 500 times more potent than vitamin E – Pomegranate Peel is a remarkably gentle catalyst for change.


Synergie Salicylic Acid Peel

Synergie Skin Salicylic Acid peel is another gentle yet effective treatment for the management of acne and congested skin, dull skin in need of exfoliation or sun damaged skin.
Cients are recommended to use the Synergie Skin A-Zinc Essentials Kit two weeks prior to treatment. To pre-condition the skin and begin the exfoliation and renewal process, it is recommended to add Reveal and Blem-X to the skin care regime.
One treatment every 2 to 4 weeks is recommended with a total or 4 to 6 treatments.


Benefit Peel

Benefit Peel truly is a peel for all skin types. Utilizing encapsulated Retinol, this stimulating antioxidant peel is especially effective at neutralizing hyperpigmented, problem and prematurely aged skin types.


Lactic Peels

Lactic peels, sometimes referred to as AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) peels target the epidermis (the uppermost layer of the skin), breaking down the glue that holds the skin cells and they also penetrate the skins surface enabling the removal of  the dull, dry skin layer. This results in a faster cell turn over, more youthful appearance and reduction of fine lines. 


TCA Peels

Our TCA peels are available in two different strengths, 25% which provides medium-depth remodelling and 40% which offers the deepest and therefore more efficient skin remodelling. TCA peels will improve colour, freshness, texture, skin tone, and fine wrinkles. They also help to remove superficial discoloration, such as age spots and are ideal for those who want a deeper peel with minimal down time. As these are higher strength peels they contain a topical anaesthetic to minimise discomfort and peeling of the skin is expected from day 2 until about day 5.